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Awareness in public spaces

Friday, Saturday and before Holidays / 19h – 04h / Karlsplatz – Donaukanal – Ring
26. May 2023 – 10. September 2023

Community is when everyone can feel well! Public space is for everyone, so we also ask for common solidarity with each other and with the spaces. This is how we create a mindful city where everyone can feel safe.

Therefore, we ask you: Take care of yourselves and others!
– Respect the needs and limits of all.
– Support others and ask if you feel someone needs support.
– If you are unsure whether others want something or not – ask!

The Awareness Team is mobile and there for you in situations where …
… you have the feeling that something is too much for you.
… you don’t want to/can’t intervene yourself.
… you feel uncomfortable for some reason.
… someone discriminates against you or is treating you badly – e.g. is racist, sexually harasses you or is verbally or physically abusive.

Additionally, you can get garbage bags, FFP2 masks, info material, water, hygiene products, earplugs or other useful things from us.

The Awareness Teams in public spaces are a group of people who have so far mainly provided support work at parties and in clubs. With the support of the City of Vienna (MA13), the awareness teams can be found this summer every Friday and Saturday and in before holidays in the evening until about 4h on the Danube Canal, Karlsplatz, and in the Area of Ring.


More information about COVID-19 can be found at: