Funded by the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs (BMSGPK)

(Duration: 01.02.2024 – 31.01.2026)

Prevention of extremism and violence, support in cases of discrimination as well as prevention of queer-, trans- or interphobia, racism or misogyny, which – in their worst forms – can extend to psychological and physical violence.

Awareness work involves, on one hand, working with awareness teams at events or in public spaces and ongoing support work within structures. On the other hand, it aims to prevent specific ideological forms of violence against individuals and groups and to counteract them through educational and networking efforts.

• Promote and expand education on awareness work in Austria.

Together with other organizations involved in educational work in Austria, we develop materials and awareness concepts for events of all kinds, offer workshops, and promote support center concepts within structures.

• Intensify and establish networking and collaboration among various awareness structures in Austria and the German-speaking region.

The exchange with awareness structures like awa_graz and Verein Arche* Awareness Innsbruck, as well as with the umbrella organization of the Awareness Institute, serves the purpose of quality assurance and evaluation of awareness work, as well as the further development of awareness concepts.

• Further develop standards for awareness work.

There are no uniform standards for awareness work yet. Together with other awareness structures, we are working on developing uniform standards for awareness work and associated violence protection standards. It should be clear to individuals what they can expect from awareness work in order to access it and actually experience qualitatively valuable support.

As part of the project, in addition to individual guides, a brochure on the fundamentals of awareness work and support center structures will be created. Additionally, an awareness conference is planned for 2025.

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