Development of concepts and procedures for the structures of collectives, associations, companies, or groups regarding safe spaces, anti-discriminatory space policies, and similar issues.

Inquiries to:

Cultural center 4lthangrund Contact Point

Concept Submission Awareness in Public Spaces – Grant Call 2023. The submitted concept was selected.

Reason for – Event series “alte WU” (4lthangrund for All)

Concept Paper Awareness in Public Spaces – Basis for the project “Awareness in Public Spaces” with a performance period from June 11, 2021, to July 31, 2021, as well as “Awareness in Public Spaces 2022.”

Concept for a mobile awareness team for the 7th district of Vienna (2021)

Awareness and Covid-19 concept for Rhizomatic Circus (2021)

Awareness concept for the March 8th “take back the streets” demonstration

Concept paper “Awareness in Public Spaces” – Basis for the project “Awareness in Public Spaces” for the City of Vienna 2022

Establishment of contact point structures in Austria and Germany for multiple associations and groups from various fields such as literature, theater, social work, cultural centers, clubs, and event management.

Contact point/structure in case of incidents or inappropriate behavior in the context of project work – for/with as part of the Awareness Institute.

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