OII awareness team

Dear all – we are Awareness Stern – a Vienna based awareness Collective that will support your Community event.

What we do:

We are here during and after the community event. You can reach out to us in case…

… you don’t want to/can’t intervene in a situation yourself, but feel like someone should.

… you feel uncomfortable for any reason.

… you feel overwhelmed or triggered by something

… someone discriminates against you or is treating you badly – e.g. is racist, sexually harasses you or is verbally abusive.

We ask you to take care of yourselves and others!

– Respect the needs and limits of everybody

– Support others and ask if you feel that someone needs support.

– If you are unsure whether others like/feel comfortable with something or not – ask and respect the answer and reaction.

We are a collective that aims for a society free from violence and creating support groups and initiatives by educational work and networking as well as our support work during various events.

More on this via »»» https://awa-stern.info/about-us-info-in-english/

Disclaimer: Our team for the conference is consisting of five people. We are mostly white female and trans & non-binary people, for the conference we are not intersex among ourselves. We know about some of the struggles intersex people face and will try our best to support you. In the past we did already support and collaborate with intersex events and activities. All communication with us is confidential.

You can write us within zoom during the conference. People from the awareness crew are visible through the handle „(Awareness)“ in front of the name. You can send us a direct message

We will be present in the main room at zoom from (all times in CEST – Timezone), if the conference rooms are closed you can reach us via signal, telegram and whatsapp as well as via e-mail

Friday 24.09.2021: 12h30 – 17h

Saturday 25.09.2021: 10h30 – 21h

Sunday 26.09.2021: 10h30 – 21h

In case you need support, two of us will be your contact people, and we can also have an extra room for talking in a small and private setting. If you want, you can always take a friend and/or translation person (if needed) with you.

you can also reach us via e-mail and phone (also via signal, whatsapp, telegram)

+4367764100205 /// awa_stern@riseup.net

For feedback or other things that come up after the conference that are related with the area of work we cover you can also contact us via e-mail and through the number via signal, telegram or whatsapp till 03.10.2021 and we will contact you back within 24h.

We aim for diverse teams and want to encourage communities to establish awareness structures and people to participate with us as well as to form networks together. If you are interested to work with us in future events – write us an e-mail, and we will inform you about our workshops.

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