AwA* searches for shift workers and jumpers

🌟 Take an active stand against violence and discrimination in nightlife! 🌟

An atmosphere in which everyone can feel safe and respected is important not only in nightlife, but everywhere. Respectful and supportive interaction with one another is essential for this.

🫂 Become part of the AwA* 💫

We are looking for people like you who can work as part of a team to stand up against injustice and be there for those who need support in acute situations.

ℹ️ Awareness work is and has been developed by people affected by discrimination and (sexualized) violence and their allies. The focus of awareness is on the well-being of the person affected by discriminatory, abusive or transgressive behavior. This goes hand in hand with partisanship, if the person concerned so wishes, so that they are not left alone with the consequences of discrimination and (sexualised) violence. In any case, awareness work is orientated towards principles such as consensus and the needs of the person seeking support and creates solidarity in their interests.

What we offer:

💰 At least €15 per hour on a honorary basis (more depending on the event)

🕑 Flexible shifts, maximum 9 hours (with appropriate breaks, of course!)

👥 Working in a team at all times so that you can support each other

📚 We organize free basic workshops based on many years of experience and exchanges with and from those affected

🧠 Regular further training

And, of course, we also support you with regular intervision and, if necessary, supervision 🌱

Are you ready to become part of our team and support others? 💫

Then send us a short letter of motivation, CV, name and email address to

🗓 Please send your e-mail latest by midnight on 21 April 🙂

If you would also like to work as a jumper in public spaces, you will need to attend the first aid course on 30 April and 6 May (10am – 6pm).

We look forward to getting to know you and standing up for safety and solidarity together!
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