Job Advertisement – Awareness Work in Public Space(s)

21. Mär. 2024

We are looking for staff members for Awareness work in public space(s).

To offer „Awareness Work in Public Space(s)“, we are looking for dedicated persons who would like to collaboratively and actively shape and carry out this work with us throughout the summer months.

Awareness work means to create commited solidary first points of call. We jointly and proactively provide prevention- and support-work for persons affected by discrimination and violence. We raise awareness for the kind of mindful togetherness we are striving to implement. The work will take place in public space(s) in Vienna.

* Period: from 14.05. until 22.09.2024 (employment contracts will be partly until 22.09.2024 and partly until 01.09.2024)

At job start, the will be a schooling period from 14.05.2024 until 16.05.2024 with workshops from 10:30 am – 6:30 pm, further training and education, and team building events. Presence in this phase is essential.

* Hours per week: 13 to 22 weekly hours of work (can be arranged according to requirements)

* Contact/Provider: AwA* – Kollektiv für Awareness-Arbeit (more about us:

* Rota: A shift schedule for the entire season will be compiled at season start. This means that vacations must be communicated at the beginning before we plan who is going to work which shifts.

* Payment: The calculation of the monthly income is on an hourly basis. The gross hourly rate is about 16,20 € with holiday- and Christmas- allowance proportionally added.

Two practical examples:

  • 774 € net per month with 13h per week, holiday- and Christmas- allowance proportionally added (the latter paid out with last salary)
  • 1302 € net per month with 22h per week, holiday- and Christmas- allowance proportionally added (the latter paid out with last salary)

The exact hours will be calculated on the basis of the respective shifts you work (see → working hours).

* Alternative employment options: Alternatively to the above mentioned, we can also employ you for 7h/week within the limits of the marginal earnings threshold („Geringfügigkeitsgrenze“, max. 518,44 €) or you can provide flexible service delivery as a stand-in on the basis of fee notes (18 €/hour).

* Working hours: Team meetings each Thursday 11:00 am – 1:30 pm (sometimes 2 pm), additionally irregular team meetings on Thursday afternoons; shifts Friday and Saturday evenings / nights and before holidays from 7:00 pm until 04:00 am; training and schooling before and during project start. Also see above under → rota.

* Profile: Experience or training in one or more of the following areas is required:

  • Event context / club scence / night work (bar, gastronomy / catering, security, event organisation and/or management)
  • Street work – training and practice in social work
  • Pedagogical training and practice / experience with mediation („e.g.: „Lebens- und Sozialberatung“)
  • Practical experience in Awareness-Work
  • We especially would like to invite persons with different language skills to apply (e.g. Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, Farsi, BKS, Austrian or International Sign Language, Russian).
    German and/or English are needed as basic communication language.
  • We a looking forward to a diverse team: BIPoC, trans-, inter-, queer-, agender- and non-binary persons, persosns with dis_abilities as well as persons with refugee or migration background are welcome in our team!
  • A prerequisite for the work is also a 16h first aid course (first-aider standard according to the Red Cross) which has been attended in the last 2 years. For people who do not have this, there will be a course on 30 April and 6 May from 10:30 – 18:30, which can be attended free of charge.
  • A current certificate of “Strafregisterauszug” (criminal record)(standard in youth and social work) is also required at the latest before signing the employment contract.

* We offer: a comprehensive training and education week as well as further education in Awareness Basics, Gender Diversity, Anti-Racism, Team Work in Public Space, and a first aid-course. Additional schooling is offered continuously and can be booked for free and on a voluntary basis within the range of offers from „Sucht- und Drogenkoordination“ & the „Institut für Freizeitpädagogik“.

Precondition for working with us is to comply with our Awareness principles (Respect, Consent, Solidarity, Definatory Power, Partisanship (commitment), Confidentiality).

There is a moderated reflection meeting („Supervision“) once a month. This is a compulsory part of the employment.

At work, you will…

… move in public space (e.g. with bikes, cargo bike; wheelchair is also possible),

… establish contact and communicate with the persons present in the public place where we are providing our service,

… mediate in conflict situations,

… offer support in cases of boundary crossing or (impending) assault / attacks,

… inform about further contact points and information or counseling centers, respectively arrange contact with these

… as well as provide psychological or physical first aid.

Our team members should thus be stress-resistant and be able to estimate complex social situations as well as their own limits.

* Please apply with motivational letter (max. 1 page) and CV without (!) photo until latest 10.04.2024 to:

We are looking forward to your application!

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